Mountains / Nature

Majestic four-tousand-meter peaks, glaciers so close you could almost touch them, a deep blue sky - that is Saas-Fee - the pearl of the Alpes.


Saas-Fee lies surrounded by the highest mountains in the Swiss Alps. 13 four-thousand-metre peaks encircle our village at the foot of the glaciers. Saas-Fee is 1800 meters above sea level and has 300 days of sun. The mountains of Saas-Fee present a fascinating world of glaciers an perpetual snow. Saas-Fee offer a unique panorama viewpoint.


You can explore the world of mountains on a total of 350 km of hiking paths.


Tips for hikking tours:


  • Saas-Fee- Hohnegg - Restaurant Alpenblick- Hannig
    Duration: 1h 45
  • Forest track  Saas-Fee - Saas-Almagell
    Duration: 40 Minuten
  • Forest track Saas-Fee - Fletschhorn
    Duration: 20 Minuten
  • Carl Zuckmayer-trails
    Duration: 2.5h
  • Round-the-village walk Saas-Fee
    Duration: 1h
  • Chappelle walk Saas-Fee - Saas-Grund
    Duration: 1h




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